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Accessing "REAL TIME" Google Analytics for Your Etsy Shop!

The New Version of Google Analytics has a "Real Time" feature where you can actually SEE when people are in your shop and listings.
(NOTICE:  There IS a "lag" time, after they've left, though, so be sure you realize this.)

1)  Okay, FIRST, you need to make an account (free), here:

www.google.com/analytics , (if you haven't already).  If you
already have GA working, skip to (3) below.  You can use this link to show you how to do this, if you haven't already:

2)  Then, bring back the UA-XXXXXXXX-X (numbers instead of X's in yours) exactly as it is and paste it into your etsy account, using the following instructions.

Just click Info & Appearance to get into your internal shop area,

then under Shop Settings>Options>click on Web Analytics tab,

scroll down and paste it into the little box and click SAVE.

Sometimes, it takes several hours for info to start showing up.

3)  Okay, once you know your account is set up properly and gathering info, you can start accessing the Real Time part of the New Version.

Here's how:

 After logging in to the New Version, click HOME (in the Orange toolbar),
 then, over to the Left, click REAL TIME Beta, then under that, click OVERVIEW.

That should get you to the "real-time" view with the big number -0- or however many people are in your shop at that time.

Scroll down a smidge and you should see the World Map.  Hover over any circles that are there and it should tell you where they are from.

Have FUN, but know that it is VERY addictive and I relinquish all responsibility for that!!  HAHA!

(BTW, if you notice that someone is nearly ALWAYS in there, it's probably YOUThere's no way to block your own views on Real Time GA.)