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How to Add the Etsy Mini to Your BLOG on blogger.com (Blogspot)!

OKAY, here's the deal IF you're on blogger.com (blogspot). If you're on wordpress or another blogsite, I'm not familiar with them and can't advise. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Blogger has changed its format and
I hope the following directions will work for you! 

You may use these directions for your personal use, but please do not post them anywhere else. Thanks!*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please read over the directions a few times, until you're sure you understand them. They are VERY SIMPLE, there's just a lot of steps! If you miss a step, or it doesn't work, come back and go over EACH ONE, one at a time. Be patient. It may take a while for you to "get it."

OKAY, FIRST, get your HTML code from your etsy shop, by
doing the first set of directions below.

To add the etsy mini, just as etsy has it,

1) Log in to your etsy shop

2) Go to Your Etsy

3) Look down on the left to "etsy mini," under the Heading PROMOTE

4) Choose which items you want to show on the mini--your own ITEMS or your  Favorites (from other shops)

5) Choose image size you want (small--thumbnail) or (bigger--gallery) (I chose thumbnail, because I wanted more to show up in a smaller space)

6) Choose LAYOUT--how many columns you want, how many photos in each column (I have 3 columns of 7 rows on one shop and 3 columns of 5 rows on another. )

7)  Copy ALL the code in the first box ("for use on personal websites and blogs") (You can either click, hold down and drag your mouse to highlight OR right-click and "Select All" (at least on my mouse)

8)  Follow the directions BELOW on how to find the
     place to install this on blogger.
OKAY, NOW GO TO your blogger.com, then:

1.  Log in to your blogger account.
     Scroll down to the "Welcome" area.  (Right about the  middle of the page. The letters are pretty tiny.)

2.  Look over to the mid-right, just past the orange
     pencil icon.  Hover over the next "Pages" icon and
     you'll see that it says "Go to Post."  Click the little
     arrow to the right.  It will say "More Options."

3.  Click on "Layout," in the drop-down box.  Then, click on
      "Add a Gadget,"  over to the right of the page. 
A pop-up box will appear.  (Be sure
      you don't have pop-up blocker enabled.  If you do, click "Allow" this time.)  (Also, be sure you're in the "Basics" tab of the pop-up box.  Look over to the left.)

4.  While IN the pop-up box, scroll down to the HTML/JavaScript and click + (Plus) or ADD.
      That will turn the pop-up page into one you can Title
      and paste your etsy mini Code into the Description area.

5.  Don't forget to scroll down and click SAVE!

I HOPE this works for you!  If it doesn't please read over and follow the directions one more time.  If it STILL doesn't work, please contact me in my etsy shop!  I'll try to help figure out how to fix it!