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Make Your TEXT in COLORS in ArtFire FORUMS

How to Make Your TEXT in Colors when you Post on the ARTFIRE Forums:

1. While in a thread, click on ADVANCED REPLY in the top right-hand corner of Reply Box.

2. In the HEADER at top of the Text Box, the first icon to the left, you'll see a big "A" with colors swirling.

3. Click on that, a Drop-Down Box will appear with colors.

4. Highlight the text you want to change color. (Use LEFT-click and hold down as you scroll across.)  Be sure it lights up.

5. Click on your Desired Color for that text. Voila'!
Your text should turn that color. If not, repeat steps above very carefully.

***BONUS:  You can ALSO change the Font Size by using the Other "A" icons that you see in the Header. The one with the GREEN at its bottom is to ENLARGE text, the one with RED at its bottom is to DECREASE text size. Have FUN and see you in the Forums!

***DISCLAIMER:  These instructions work for the type Operating System and Browser I use, the mouse I have, etc.  I HOPE they'll work for you, but I can't guarantee they will!  (Wish I could!)