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My FAVE Places to Check on GA (Google Analytics)

Here are a few of my FAVORITE Places to look for statistics on Google Analytics (GA).  (If you haven't already Set Up GA on your etsy shop, I have simple directions HERE on how to.)
***(Please note that I use the Classic Version of GA, NOT the "New Version."  I found the New Version unnecessarily complicated!)***

From the Dashboard, you can access about anything you want, from the sections over to the left. (BTW, I always change to DAY mode, unless I want to see something for the month, year, etc.)

1) I click on VISITORS>MAP OVERLAY==shows where in the world your visits are from, on a world map! (What an ego boost!)

2) TRAFFIC SOURCES>KEYWORDS (and ALL Traffic Sources). Be sure to click "View Full Report" to see all the stats on this. (Keep in mind, this can be just how they found ETSY, not necessarily came straight to your shop.)

3) CONTENT>CONTENT BY TITLE==shows which pages the people looked at, how long they stayed, Bounce Rate, etc.

(If you'll click the blue "None," above the pages, you can also click "City" and see where they came from.)

4) Also under CONTENT>SITE SEARCH==  shows the actual keyword(s) they searched on etsy to find YOUR shop. (You have to sign up for this separately within GA.)

These are my high points, although when I have time, I search around some more.

There are tons of info on GA.  Don't let it get you frustrated!  Take a break, and come back to it later.  It's FUN in small portions!  ENJOY!