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My Fave Places to Check on REAL TIME Google Analytics

I'll be honest, I'm not that great a fan of the New Version of Google Analytics.  The "Old" Version is so much easier and simpler, but if you do use the New version, here are a few places that I like best.

I'll tell you where to find the Pages by Title that people looked at,
WHERE they were from and how LONG they looked.

Okay, read carefully, as many times as you need to to understand my directions.  (There is a ton of info on GA, but I think this hits the highlights and helps people not get confused with too much information!)

1)  Log in to your "Access Analytics."

2)  Over to the Left, Click on whichever shop name you want to check.
(If it's an etsy shop, after that, click on the "etsy" word.)

(For the following, I click on STANDARD REPORTING.)

3)  Click on the big date and change it to today.
(or any date you want to check, really.  It's just easier to understand with ONE day and not thousands of hits!)

4)  On the Left, click on CONTENT, then SITE CONTENT,   then PAGES.

5)   Just above the gray bar entitled "Secondary Dimensions,"  
      click on PAGE TITLE.
      (This will give you your Page Title that you  can recognize,  rather than a listing number and a bunch of gobbledygook.)

6) Scroll ALL the way down the page and look about the middle. See the number "10." Click the drop-down box
beside that number and change it to "500." (That way, you'll
see more than just 10 results.)

7)   In the gray bar entitled "Secondary Dimensions," click on VISITORS, then scroll down and click on CITY.
(This will give you the IP city that a person looked from.)

8)  Look over in the Columns to the right and you can also see how LONG they looked, if any and their Bounce Rate (whether they "bounced" right back out of the page they came in on).

As I said, there is much, much more info on GA, but these are my favorite places and I think the most important.  It's enough to get you started and hopefully not confused.

Best Wishes!