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Personalize Your Signature on ARTFIRE FORUMS!

Want to STAND OUT while posting in the ArtFire Forums?   Make a memorable statement
or a clickable link that shows under your post!  Just follow the 8 steps below!   (BTW, you only have 300 characters,
including HTML directions, so think and plan carefully!)

(DISCLAIMER NOTICE:  Some websites don't ALLOW you to use HTML (computer language), so this may not work for you!   I made these directions specifically for ArtFire Forums.)

1)  To start, click on the INTERACT section on the     Navigation (Nav) bar at the top of any A.F. (ArtFire) page.
2)  Click on the FORUMS section.  Over to the left, there's a list of topics.

3)  Click on "My Settings."  This will then say "My Chatterbox Settings."

4)  Scroll down to "My Chatterbox Signature."

5)  If you like, type in your motto, or saying, or philosophic statement, or whatever,
     if you want any.  This will NOT be a live, clickable link.

6)  To make a live, CLICKABLE link for your website, blog, other shop venues, etc., type in
      the following, substituting YOUR desired URL.   Also, instead  of the parentheses ( ),
      type these < >,  so it will become an active link.

     (a href="in this space here")MyArtFireShop(/a

     Okay, where I have the words "in this space here," instead,
     put the wording below, of course, substituting your OWN shop/blog/site name.
     (Repeat this as often as you want a different clickable address!)
     http://www/   .yourshopname.artfire.com

7)  To make your sentences not run together, put (p) between each statement/address,
     again putting < > instead of the parentheses ( ).

8)  I wrote these directions in good faith.  If this doesn't work, please contact me at
     www.anitaspottery.artfire.com and tell me exactly what you did and what went wrong.

 THANKS!  Hope this helps you "STAND OUT" from the crowd!