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Make a SCROLLING TEXT Widget for Your ARTFIRE Shop!

Since ArtFire.com allows you to use HTML in certain places, this works great for the scrolling text on the right hand side of the page.

First, go to your My ArtFire, look way down on the left, under My Studio,  Click My Widgets.  Click "Add a New Studio Widget," and choose the Text/HTML/Flash type.  (The "tag cloud" is something else--it puts your tags in a box on your site, either right hand side or bottom, whichever you choose.)  

Click the tick button for "Right side."  (I think left side area only works on blogs and internal ArtFire stuff by Admin.)

Okay, here goes: 
1.  Copy the code in Step 3 below into the widget box, exactly as it is below, but DELETE all the ***asterisks*** I've put in.  (If I didn't put those, it wouldn't show up.) 

2.  Put YOUR OWN TEXT that you desire in the place of "Your Scrolling Text Goes Here" below. 

3.  Type this HTML into the widget box, OMITTING the asterisks.  <***marquee behavior="scroll" direction="up" scrollamount="2" Slow scroll speed***>YOUR SCROLLING TEXT GOES HERE<***/marquee>  (Be SURE you put this last bit of HTML, which closes the scrolling!  If you don't, your bottom footer will "roll" up with it!)

4.  I have it set on SLOW scroll speed, as I feel people can read it more easily.  If you want it to go FASTER, just take out the word "slow" in Step 3 and put "Medium" or "Fast," whichever you want.

5.  To keep all your text from running together as one long sentence, put BREAKS in between each feedback or section.   As above, be sure to take OUT the asterisks!
<***br /***><***br /***>

6.  Click SAVE WIDGET and be sure it says "Saved."  Go to your main shop page to see your new scrolling text!

That's IT!
Please let me know if it doesn't work for you.  I'm always trying to be sure my advice works!  Message me at www.AnitasPottery.artfire.com
Thanks!  Hope this helps you!

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