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Set Up Google Analytics on ETSY--SIMPLE Directions!

Don't stress out over setting up Google Analytics for your ETSY shop!
Read over these simple directions from anitaspottery
on how-to until you're sure you understand them. 
(You may use these directions from anitaspottery for yourself, but please do NOT post them anywhere else.  Thanks!)

1.   Log in to your etsy shop.

2.   Navigate internally into your etsy shop.   (You can do this by clicking on Info & Appearance, for instance.)

3.   Down on the left, under Shop Settings, click on OPTIONS.
4.   Look for the tabs and click on Web Analytics.  
4.a. (Since etsy has moved things around, you MAY need to CLICK ON
"Create a Google Analytics Account" now, before the next directions.)

5. This should take you to a page with a big box of HTML (funny-looking directions). Search each paragraph very carefully until you find a code that starts with
UA-XXXXXXXX-X. (Where I have the X's, there will be

 6. Write down this Code (or Copy and Paste), EXACTLY as shown, beginning with the UA (CAPITALIZED), the dashes, numbers, ALL of it!       THAT IS ALL YOU NEED OF THOSE DIRECTIONS!  TRUST ME!!

7.    Go back through Your Etsy, Shop Settings, Options,
      Web Analytics (again).  On the page it takes you to, there should be a long box asking for your "Web Property ID"
(formerly called your "Tracking Code.") 
       Put the code you
       copied (the UA-XXXXXXXX-X) in this box, EXACTLY
       as it was shown.

8.    Click DONE or Save or whatever it says.  (It's been awhile
      since I did this for my shops.)

That's it!  Now Google says to wait "24 hours" for data to start showing up.
If yours doesn't work, there are two common problems:  you haven't capitalized the UA or you've left out a number or misplaced the dashes.  That's why it is imperative that you type it exactly as you get it from the paragraphs. 

Go back through steps 2 through 6 to be sure you did this.  (Disclaimer Both etsy and Google are tweaking things like crazy lately, so some people have told me these directions work, some have told me they didn't work for them.  I wrote them
in good faith and hope they'll work for you, but I can't guarantee that!)

BONUS TIP Once you have GA (Google Analytics) set up, you can go directly there by clicking here:  google analytics

BONUS TIP #2 I have another short, simple article on this website titled, "My Fave Places to Check on GA," if you'd like to read it, too!

Have FUN!


  1. I just did it, I hope it will be working tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your directions!

  2. So very helpful! I'll see if it works tomorrow!
    Many thanks for your very helpful info. I've been searching for easy steps all morning!

  3. Hope it works for everyone. I've tried to make it as simple as possible, so everyone (including myself) can understand it!


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